Our mission is to bring back the traveler in the travel agency, for them to benefit of the guidance and expertise of a travel consultant. With this in mind, combined also with our experience as end users on various systems, we have designed an online flexible reservation system, easy to use with a friendly design, these all being put together with one sole purpose: to give our partners useful information and the most competitive rates only a few clicks away.

Customer care is the main focus for both us and our partners, and we strongly believe that a high level of attention paid towards client’s needs, the clear understanding of these needs will always result in both positive feedback, but also will transform a one-time client into a repetitive one.

Always close to you – 24/7, 365 days, regardless of the time of the day or night, you’ll always find on the other end of the phone a dedicated professional, which knows you and understands your needs.

Forwardness and efficiency - we know how important it is to solve as quickly as possible any issues that may arise, so we are ready to react and settle accordingly in order to ensure the success in every little detail.

Flexibility – we are used to requests a bit more special, as we’re also special travelers, for which curiosity is a bit of a second nature, used in travelling in the less known parts of the world. That is why, we are more than happy to provide to the traveler and to our partners that wish to discover new destinations, complete and appealing information.

Continuous development – during these years, we grew from both a professional but also a personal point of view, learning with every new or old customer or partner that each and every single one of our client’s experiences has a great value, and our satisfaction comes from these experiences. We managed to break the conventional barrier between the agency and the traveler, becoming one team together with our partners.

Our goal is to help our partners grow, becoming together a strong team, a team that can change a traveler’s expectation into an experience that will become a life time memory.